Gear Acquisition Syndrome is a term used to describe an urge to acquire and accumulate lots of equipment. This term commonly associated with:

  • Guitarists (tend to acquire guitars, guitar amplifiers, pedals, effects processors, etc.)
  • Bassists (seek hand carved, single cut designs, stomp boxes, boutique amplifiers, pre-amps and speaker cabinets)
  • Keyboard/synth players (keyboards, synthesizers, samplers, effects units, etc.)
  • Drummers (various types of drums, cymbals, percussion accessories, drumsticks, etc.)
  • Photographers (cameras, its parts and accessories — bodies, video cameras, lens, mounts, filters, flashes, lighting rigs, etc.)
  • Audiophiles and Sound Engineers (high-end preamps, microphones, amplifiers, converters, cables, CD players, speakers, etc.)
  • Saxophonists (saxophones of all types, mouthpieces and other accessories)

Ecco il risultato:

…forse dovevo solo togliere un po’ di vecchiume da davanti gli occhi, le dita e le orecchie.

3 Commenti a “GAS”

  1. theda scrive:

    ho spiato il tuo curriculum: evidentemente non ho proprio un cazzo da fare…

  2. theda scrive:

    moderi pure i commenti????

  3. Patrizio scrive:

    oh. interessantissimo il curriculum eh.

    comunque sì, modero i commenti, per filtrare i messaggi di tutte le mie innumerevoli amanti, ovviamente.

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