Nvidia “Disable PCI Prefetch”

Ultimamente sono usciti un po’ di aggiornamenti per il BIOS di portatili e schede madri con chipset Nvidia che invece di migliorare le cose le peggiorano. In particolare, disabilitano il “PCI Prefetch”, a causa di alcune beghe legali con chi ha un brevetto su tale funzione.

L’ho notato perché finalmente, dopo 2 anni, è uscito un aggiornamento per il bios del mio strabuggato portatile, un Asus A6Tc. Tutto felice ero andato a vedere cosa cambia..

BIOS 809
Disable PCI prefetch feature

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Notizia originale:

It has come to our attention that Nvidia has ended up in more product trouble, although this time it’s with regard to Nvidia’s chipset division and it’s not related to a manufacturing issue, but rather a lawsuit from OPTi Inc.

As the story goes, Nvidia has infringed a patent regarding to PCI prefetch that OPTi holds and although OPTi no longer makes PC chips, they now license intellectual property. The problem in this case is that Nvidia didn’t come out on agreeable terms with OPTi and has to remove the PCI prefetch feature from its chipsets.

The problem with this is twofold. Firstly, it means that just about every single Nvidia chipset from the nForce 500-series and onwards is affected and as such, PCI prefetch has to be removed from all retail boards and every single BIOS upgrade that contains the PCI prefetch code has to be removed from the Web. This also means that all Nvidia partners have to release BIOS updates for every single Nvidia motherboard from the nForce 500-series and onward.

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