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OnStep & Bresser EXOS-2

domenica 31 Ottobre 2021

OnStep build: NEMA17 1.68A motor holders: Smart Hand Controller:[...] → Continua a leggere

Track IR dei poveri

domenica 24 Febbraio 2019
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TrackIR a 0 euro![...] → Continua a leggere

NX bit – a hardware enforced buffer overflow protection

venerdì 18 Gennaio 2008

Contents: What’s the “NX bit”? How does the NX bit relate to security and buffer overflow attacks? Does my CPU support the NX bit? Does my Operating System support the NX bit? Does my Virtual Machine support the NX bit? Does the NX bit really work? Are the current NX implementations safe? NX bit – […][...] → Continua a leggere

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