ZNC binary package for Synology NAS

This package installs ZNC on your Intel (x86_64) and Marvell 628x Synology NAS, such as the DS411+II and the DS212J.

ZNC is an IRC Bouncer, a piece of software used to relay IRC traffic and connections much like a proxy. Back in the nineties, psy*bnc was the most used, but it’s a bit old, so I decided to create a package for this other bnc, which includes a web administration page.

Please note that:

  • some features may prevent the NAS from hibernating
  • default account is admin/admin (change it as soon as possible!)
  • you’ll need the users home service enabled (control panel -> user -> users home)


15/2/2012 – ZNC-88f6281-0.250-2.spk (Added ssl support)

Install at your own risk; I’ve only tested it on DSM 4 Beta.

13 Commenti a “ZNC binary package for Synology NAS”

  1. keith scrive:

    Hi, Any hope you could make a ZNC version for DS212j please.

  2. Patrizio scrive:

    Hi, please try the ZNC-88f6281-0.250-1.spk package. If it doesn’t work, login via ssh and try the following commands:
    /var/packages/ZNC/scripts/start-stop-status status
    /var/packages/ZNC/scripts/start-stop-status stop
    /var/packages/ZNC/scripts/start-stop-status start

  3. Selecta scrive:

    Great Work!
    thank you

  4. Crisis scrive:

    Thanks, installation went fine but how do i open it with web browser?

  5. Cr scrive:

    Try to connnect to http://ip:31337

  6. Martijn scrive:

    Great work, but if you don`t have bootstrap installed it doesn`t work! You must have the package c-ares to run ZNC.

    If i installed “ipkg install c-ares” then ZNC will run. So libcares is needed to run it.

  7. Duncan scrive:

    The Marvell package works pefectly with my DS110J, thanks!

    I want to compile modules for ZNC, fish.so for example (http://wiki.znc.in/Fish). But you need to use “znc-buildmod” for that. It is part of the znc-dev package, I cannot find this for my DS110J (Marvell). Somebody can help me with this?

  8. Mose scrive:

    Hello , is it possible to make it work on Synology NAS 207+ with dsm 3.1-1636?

  9. Patrizio scrive:

    it should work, but you’ll have to modify the package and add the compatibility flag with the 3.1 dsm version. Anyway, you should check third party repositories, as another ZNC package was released… i think it’s on http://www.synocommunity.com/

  10. Mose scrive:

    Binding to port [8250]… [ Unable to bind [Address family not supported [ !! ]tocol] ]
    [ ** ] Unrecoverable config error.
    [ !! ] Deleting pid file [/usr/local/znc/var/znc.pid]…

    i get this error on my Synology 207+ dsm 3.1-1636 any suggestions?

  11. Patrizio scrive:

    are you using ipv6? maybe it’s not supported. Also, try using plain numeric IP addresses instead of names.

  12. Mose scrive:

    I am not using ipv6 and i use the intern ip adress for the synology nas

  13. thoso scrive:

    logs doesn’t work 🙁

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